Toys, Gifts and Clothing - NEW only

Our Santa Claus and Elves distribute Christmas presents to the many children who attend the Dinner with their families.

We need NEW only, unwrapped toys for infants, boys and girls of all ages.

If the toy requires batteries, please include them so the kids can enjoy their gift right away. Educational toys and games are particularly popular, as are board games. Baby formula, diapers, and supermarket gift cards are also appreciated.

Gift packs are handed out to every Dinner guest. Here’s what we need to fill them. Only NEW items please. Anything used is collected separately.

  • CLOTHING – Casual winter clothing only, please. Fleece/Down vests and jackets of all sizes. sweatshirts and sweatpants. We need sizes M, L, XL, 1X, 2X, and3X.
  • ACCESSORIES – Mittens, gloves and scarves. This year, each Dinner guest will receive a wool hat knitted by an area charity group.
  • ALSO – Toiletries, foldable umbrellas, candy and cookie boxes.    
  • For WOMEN and TEENS – Sleepwear: slippers,robes, pajamas and nightgowns (SIZES M, L, XL, 1X, 2X, 3X)  makeup/bags/sets, manicure/lotion/perfume (sets), Target and Kohl’s gift cards, twin sheets and blanket sets, decorative throws, writing journals, small candy boxes.
  • For MEN and TEENS – Travel/shaving kits, tube sox, caps, colored thermal undershirts, belts of all sizes, cologne, footballs, basketballs, baseball gloves, shirts, fleece vests and jackets sizes M to 3X, sweatsuits.

* We also need large size holiday gift bags - available at TJMaxx and Marshalls *

To Get Your NEW Toys, Gifts and Clothing To Us

Up until December 1
Because we have no storage facility, we are unable to accept donations until December 1st

December 1 – December 23
Thank you so much to all our stores and locations for their help and enthusiasm. 

Katonah - Charles Department Store, Little Joe's, The Library (upstairs and downstairs), St. Mary's Church Parish House

Mount Kisco - The Saw Mill Club (front and back entrances)

Bedford Hills -  Saw Mill Club East

December 23 and 24

Katonah: St. Mary's School - 99 Valley Road

Donations are tax-deductible when we receive a completed tax donation form. Please download and print a tax donation form by clicking here. Merchants must supply an invoice or letterhead detailing the donation. A signed tax receipt will be mailed to you in January.