Volunteer Opportunities

Clearly, the global pandemic has made it impossible to host over 300 dinner guests and have hundreds of volunteers under one roof on Christmas Day, but we still want to provide as much

Christmas as we can to our less-fortunate Westchester neighbors. The 2020 Christmas Dinner will be happening, but on a reduced scale and in reimagined form.


On Christmas Day, we will be delivering a hot Christmas meal along with bags of new clothing and toys to selected families and residents in northern Westchester County. (XXX Name of food truck) will be in the St. Mary’s school parking lot preparing to-go meals. The school classrooms will be used to sort and bag clothing and gifts. A caravan of delivery volunteers will drive the meals and gift bags to addresses designated by the Community Center of Northern Westchester. These Christmas deliveries will be left on doorsteps after phone confirmation is made with the people inside. There will be no direct contact with our dinner guests, sad to say, but keeping guests and volunteers safe from potential COVID exposure is priority 1A.

At this point, we do not know how many families we will be serving, and therefore we do not know how may volunteer drivers will be needed. If you and your family would like to make a volunteer delivery Christmas Day, please click here to add your name to our sign-up list. We may not know until Christmas Eve how many drivers will be needed, but we’ll pull from the list in order of sign up. Aside from a few selected shopping roles, these will be the only volunteer opportunities for this year’s Christmas Dinner.


All 2020 dinner guests will reside in northern Westchester County. They will be coordinated in partnership with the Community Center of Northern Westchester. For more information, please contact Noya Guerrero  (914) 232-6572, ext. 110.  nguerrero@communitycenternw.org


There will be no food, clothing or gifts distributed at St. Mary’s School on Christmas Day

We all will certainly miss sharing the warm, Christmas spirit with our dinner guests and fellow volunteers that has been the hallmark of Westchester’s Christmas Dinner. If you choose not to participate as a driver in this year’s scaled-down version, you can still help with the Christmas Dinner mission.

We all know people who could use some help around Christmas time – familiar faces in our day-to-day lives who would welcome a warm, delicious dinner delivered on Christmas day. New toys and clothing for a single parent to give as presents to her family on Christmas morning.  Financial assistance that covers travel expenses for a distant relative to visit a family during the holiday season. Please look at the faces of people you see on a regular basis and identify who you want to help. Then, channel the involvement you’ve given the Christmas Dinner in past years and help those people with your direct support. As a “Solo Volunteer”, prepare and deliver meals, donate new toys and clothing, or hand them an envelope that will make their Christmas holiday better than it would be otherwise. And tell us about how you’re helping by Clicking here to post on our community bulletin board. Sharing your story may inspire others to help in similar fashion or identify specific needs.

We pray this pandemic subsides by next winter so you can join us again for a festive Christmas Day in the St. Mary’s gymnasium.